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Cherie Burns » Welcome to Mrs. Burns' 4th Grade Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Burns' 4th Grade Class!

I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade this year at Anahuac Elementary! We are going to have a great year learning lots of Math. I am most excited about meeting my students.

A little about myself...I have been in education for 16 years. I spent 6 years teaching 6th grade and 4 years in administration. At this point, I stopped teaching to stay home with my children. I am a mother to two sets of twins. They are about to turn 12 and 14! I returned to teaching 6 years ago and taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade math before moving to this area. I grew up in a small community and attended school my entire life at Corrigan-Camden ISD. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1993 with my Bachelors in Education and in 2000 with my Masters in Education.

I hope your child is ready for an exciting 4th grade year!

Mrs. Burns


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Weeks of April 30-May 4 and May 7-11, 2018

We have officially completed all of our 4th grade Math TEKS and will spend the next weeks reviewing each TEKS in order to prepare for our upcoming STAAR test.  
This week we will review Data Analysis and Financial Literacy, Place Value, Decimals and  Fractions.  Next week, we will review Problem Solving, Equations, Strip Diagrams, Input/Output Tables, Perimeter/Area, Measurement, Geometry and Angles.  
Remember, this Friday is a school holiday.  Go out and support our youth as they show their projects at the Youth Project Show.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Burns

Week of April 23-27, 2018

We are covering our final TEKS of the year in 4th grade Math this week.  We will be working on Data Analysis and Financial Literacy.  Next week, my classes will begin STAAR Review.  
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday/Thursday - Tutorials 3:20-4:00
Thursday - College Shirt Day
Friday - Field Trip to San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas - remember to bring a sack lunch and water - wear sunscreen and wear tennis shoes
Friday - May 4th - YPS Holiday
May 14th and 15th STAAR Testing - Please be sure your child has plenty of sleep and rest the Sunday night prior to testing and the Monday night as well
May 18th - Field Trip to Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center and Ft. Anahuac Park - permission slips/information will be sent home next week
Have a great week!
Mrs. Burns

Weeks of April 2-6 and April 9-13, 2018

As I type this, we have 37 school days remaining and about 27 days until our Math STAAR test on May 14.  Wow!  
This week we are reviewing perimeter and area, customary and metric measurement systems, converting within the same system of measurement and problem solving with time, measurement and money.  We will take our unit test on Thursday and go over the test on Friday.
Monday, April 9th we will begin our unit on geometry and angles.  We will learn the attributes of rectangles, squares, trapezoids, rhombus', and parallelograms.  We will also discuss lines of symmetry and angles (acute, obtuse, right - finding missing angles, measuring angles), lines (parallel, perpendicular and intersecting), rays, line segments.  Once we wrap up geometry and angles we will cover data analysis and financial literacy to wrap up our 4th grade math TEKS.  Lastly, we will spend a few days reviewing in preparation for our STAAR test on May 14th.
**Math homework was assigned today and will be due FRIDAY, April 6th. Please ensure your child completes their homework.  This is the last week of the fifth six weeks period.
**Field trip permission notes were also sent home today.  Please complete and return, along with the $4 fee in a timely manner.  These are due NO LATER than April 25th.
Upcoming Dates to Note:
Thursday, April 5 - Tutorials
Friday, April 6 - Last day of the six weeks period - Math Homework Due
Monday, April 9 - First day of the last six weeks period
Tuesday, April 10 - STAAR Writing Test
Wednesday, April 11 - Practice STAAR Math Test
Thursday, April 12 - Practice STAAR Reading Test
Friday, April 13 - Yuck Show
Thursday, April 19 - Field Day
Friday, April 27 - Field Trip to San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas
Friday, May 4 - YPS Holiday
Monday, May 14 - STAAR Math Test
Tuesday, May 15 - STAAR Reading Test
Friday, May 25 - Last Day of School
Have a wonderful week.
Mrs. Burns

Week of March 19-23, 2018

Spring break has come and gone.  Ten weeks of fourth grade remaining for all my sweet kiddos.  So hard to believe!
This week we will review perimeter and area and move into our measurement unit.  Students will have homework this week that will review fractions.  Please be sure they complete their homework.  We are running out of time quickly and there's still so much to learn!  Homework will focus on reviewing those concepts learned earlier in the year to keep them fresh on their minds.  Please help me ensure your child is successful by having them complete their homework - assist them if necessary, check over it with them.
Progress Reports will go home this week (either Wednesday or Thursday).  Only three weeks left in this six weeks period to get those grades up.
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday/Thursday - Tutorials
Friday, March 30 - Good Friday Holiday
Monday, April 2 - No school
Tuesday, April 10 - STAAR Writing Test
Wednesday, April 11 - Mock STAAR Math Test
Thursday, April 12 - Mock STAAR Reading Test
Thursday or Friday, April 19 or 20 - Field Day - not sure which day yet
Friday, April 27 - Field trip to San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas (details coming later)
Friday, May 4 - No school (Youth Project Show)
Friday, May 18th - Field Trip to Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center and Ft. Anahuac Park
Friday, May 25th - Last day of school
Have a wonderful week!
Cherie Burns

Week of March 5-9, 2018

Spring Break is upon us!  The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping and the trees and flowers are budding.  My favorite time of the year.
We are working on perimeter and area in math this week.  We will be doing lots of problem solving with perimeter and area, a concept the kids are already fairly familiar with.  
Homework will be assigned Monday, March 5th.  It's a very simple and fun assignment.  Help your kids and have fun watching them design a layout for their dream home.  
Events for the week:
Tuesday/Thursday - Tutorials
Wednesday - AES Spirit Shirt
Thursday - Grandparents Lunch - 4th grade lunch is 11:15-11:45
Friday - AISD Spirit Shirt - Career Day
Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. Burns

Week of February 26 - March 2, 2018

The countdown has begun - we have officially finished the first week of the fifth six weeks.  Hard to believe!  Only 47 more instructional days until our Math STAAR test and only 57 more days until summer break.  Wow!
This week we will be reviewing TEKS 4.5 A and B (strip diagrams, equations, input/output tables and multistep problem solving).  Our unit test will be on Wednesday.  We will also begin officially spiral reviewing the TEKS we've already covered this year.  Our focus will be on the 4.2 (place value, decimals to fractions, compare/order) TEKS for now.  We will continue our Countdown to STAAR warm ups a few days each week.
Please be sure to stay on top of your childs' work habits and grades.  Several are slipping, not turning in homework, not completing assignments, failing assignments, not making corrections, etc.  We must finish fourth grade strong.  Remind them to persevere and be diligent about all that they do.
Events for the week:
Monday - Math Homework Assigned
Tuesday/Thursday - Tutorials from 3:20-4:00
Wednesday - Unit 6 Test
Thursday - Math Homework Due
Friday - 4th Six Weeks Awards at 2:00
Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. Burns

Week of February 19-23, 2018

Our parent conference day has come and gone.  If you did not come in for a conference but would like to discuss your child's progress please feel free to call the office and schedule a conference during our usual conference time - Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 1:00-1:40.
This week in Math we will continue to work on multi-step problem solving, strip diagrams, equations and input/output tables (algebraic reasoning).  Students will be responsible for studying vocabulary at home and will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday.
Events for the Week:
Tuesday/Thursday Tutorials
Wednesday AES Shirt Day
Friday Go Texan Day (dress western)
Have a fantastic week!
Mrs. Burns

Week of February 12-16, 2018

This is the last week of the 4th Six Weeks period.  There will be no Math homework assigned this week.  
Today, students took the STAAR Writing practice test.  Wednesday and Thursday students will be taking the Math and Reading Interim Assessments online through TEA (the Texas Education Agency).  We will follow a regular schedule on Tuesday and Friday and will follow a delayed start schedule on Wednesday and Thursday (after testing is complete we will carry on with instruction.)
We are beginning our algebraic reasoning unit in math.  We will focus on multi-step problem solving involving all four operations, using strip diagrams, equations, and input/output tables.  This unit will not be long and then we will move on to perimeter, area, geometry, angles and measurement.  We are beginning to slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel after lagging behind all year because,'s been a crazy school year!  
Events for the week:
Monday - STAAR Writing Practice Test
Tuesday - Spring and Class Pictures
Tuesday/Thursday - Tutorials 3:20-4:00
Wednesday 7:15-7:50 - Pancakes for Parents
Wednesday - Valentine's Day - students can exchange valentine cards (be sure to include each student in the exchange - leave no one out) and enjoy February birthday treats
Wednesday/Thursday - Interim Math and Reading Assessments
Monday - February 19th - Parent Conference Day - If you scheduled a conference you will receive a note on Wednesday (in your child's purple Wednesday folder) letting you know what time your conference is scheduled for.  Please watch for it.  
Have a great week!
Mrs. Burns

Week of February 5-9, 2018

We are wrapping up our division unit with lots of problem solving.  We will be practicing problem solving all week, including multi-step problem solving involving all four operations.  Students will complete a test review on Wednesday and we will take our Unit 5 Division test on Thursday and Friday. 
Please remind your child to use their strategies.  I require students to write down the information from the problem and to also write down what the question is asking them to do before actually solving the problem.  If they are not doing these things they will lose 5 points for each problem on the test they don't do it for.  This is nothing new - I require the same strategies anytime we solve word problems in class, on homework, etc.
Students were given homework today.   The homework is due on Thursday.
Events for the week:
Tuesday - Tutorials 3:20-4:00
Wednesday - Elementary Spirit Shirt Day
Thursday - NO TUTORIALS - Family Reading Night from 4:30-6:00 - 100th Day of School (My homeroom students need to bring 100 of something to add to our 100 Day Snack  Mix - a note was sent home last week)
Friday - 8:30 UIL Awards in the gym - AISD Spirit Shirt Day
Have a great week!
Mrs. Burns

Weeks of January 22-26 and January 29-February 2, 2018

Goodness.......time is flying by!  We are flying in 4th much to do, so little time.
We are beginning our division unit this week.  We will work on mental math (dividing by multiples of 10 and 100), estimating quotients, understanding remainders and long division.  We will spend several days practicing and refining long division.  Problem solving will be interwoven throughout our unit and we will focus on just problem solving once the skill is mastered.  I anticipate taking our unit test on February 8th-9th.
Please ensure your child is completing their homework each week.  I have several students that make a habit of not turning in their homework, not completing their homework and often times their classwork.  Grades are suffering because of a lack of focus, a lack of effort and a lack of willingness to step up and get the job done.  I do not assign much homework at all, but I do expect what I assign to be done.  Beginning this six weeks, I am no longer counting homework as 20 points per week (times five weeks for a grade of 100.)  From now on, homework will be graded as a regular assignment and will be a grade in the gradebook.  So, if your child doesn't complete and/or turn in their homework each week they will receive a grade of zero in the gradebook.  If  you are concerned about your child's progress in math or their current grades, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Email is best.  I am happy to discuss their progress with you.
Upcoming Events:
January 23rd and 25th - Students will compete in UIL at Hardin ISD
January 30th - 4th Grade STAAAR Family Night (Reading and Math)
January 31st - Student Holiday/Staff Work Day
Have a fabulous week!
Mrs. Burns

Weeks of January 8-12 and 15-19, 2018

Happy New Year!  Its' time to begin our second semester of 4th grade.  Busy and exciting times await us!
This week we will continue working on multiplication by problem solving.  We will work in stations (small groups) in order for me to provide more individualized instruction to those who may have fallen back due to the holiday break and to accelerate those who are ready to move on to more intense multiplication problem solving.  Next week, we will continue to dissect those word problems and will review for our unit test.  My plan is to administer the unit test on Friday, January 19th.  Following multiplication, we will dive into long division.
Students will not have assigned math homework this first week of the six weeks.  However, students were given Holiday Homework and I expect it to be turned in on time, first thing Tuesday morning (January 9th).  This homework is for a grade.  Students who did not complete the assigned homework over the holiday break WILL have homework assigned this week.  Those assigned homework must turn it in by Friday morning and will be for a grade (no higher than 70 - but it's better than a zero).
Please ensure you are reminding your child to keep their hands washed, cover their cough and sneeze, not to share drinks and/or food with others and to keep their fingers out of their nose and mouth.  The flu is really bad this year and we want to be diligent about keeping it out of our classrooms.  
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, January 9th - Beginning of 4th Six Weeks
Thursday, January 11th - Report Cards Go Home
Monday, January 15th - MLK Holiday
Friday, January 19th - Six Weeks Awards Ceremony
Wednesday, January 31st - Student Holiday - Staff Day
Monday, February 19th - Parent Conference Day - Student Holiday
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Burns

Month of December 2017

Time is flying!  November came and went so fast I didn't even realize I had not posted to my website since the first week.  So sorry!
We are going to be super busy in December because we are beginning our Multiplication Unit next week.  Here's our game plan for the month:
Week of December 4-8, 2017:
  • Review Unit 3 Addition and Subtraction Test
  • Begin Multiplication Unit - vocabulary, properties of multiplication (commutative, associative, identity, zero), multiplying by 10 and 100 and the distributive property (TEKS 4.4B)
Week of December 11-15, 2017:
  • Review Multiplication Properties
  • Multiplication of 2, 3, and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication using area models and partial products (bowtie) (TEKS C and D)
Week of December 18-22, 2017:
  • Review Area Models and Partial Products
  • 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication using the standard algorithm (tho old fashioned way) (TEKS 4.4D)
Please be sure your child continues to study and learn their multiplication facts.  They must be proficient (really, a master by this point) with those facts in order to be successful from here on out in fourth grade math (and beyond).  
Important Dates/Events for the Month of December:
  • Tuesday, December 5th - Camo for Cans (bring 2 can food items and wear camo)
  • Wednesday, December 6th - Progress Reports go home
  • Monday, December 11th - No Collar for $1.00
  • Tuesday, December 12th - Camo for Cans
  • Thursday, December 14th - College Shirt Day
  • Tuesday, December 19th - Camo for  Cans
  • Thursday, December 21st - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - C.A.T.C.H. Purple Day (wear a purple shirt and/or bring a healthy purple fruit or snack)
  • Friday, December 22nd - EARLY RELEASE at 12:30 - Christmas Program at 8:30 - Students may wear Christmas shirts - Christmas/Birthday Parties at 11:45 for 4th Grade
  • December 25th-January 8th - Christmas Break - Students return to school Tuesday, January 9th - please be sure your student continues to read and work on their math throughout the break.  They tend to lose knowledge when they don't use it.  I will be sending home some holiday homework for Math to keep them thinking over the break.  :-)
Merry Christmas to you and your family.  I have enjoyed teaching each of my students so much this school year.  It is truly a blessing to do what I do each day.  They wear me out, but I sure do love 'em!!
Mrs. Burns

Week of November 6-10, 2017

Monday is a Student Holiday (Staff Inservice Day).  So, do not send your child to school on Monday.  
This week we will wrap up our fraction unit with two days of review.  We will take our unit test on Thursday and will spend Friday reviewing and correcting the test.  We have spent an entire six weeks working on fractions - there was a lot to learn!  We will begin our addition and subtraction unit the following week.
Students will take a vocabulary quiz on Friday over the vocabulary from our fractions unit.  Students made flashcards to study last week.  They will receive a review sheet on  Tuesday.  
Mrs. Burns

Week of October 30-November 3, 2017

There will be NO MATH HOMEWORK this week.  
It is the last week of the 2nd six weeks grading period.  We are continuing to study fractions.  So far, we have covered TEKS 4.3A-E in detail.  This week we are covering TEKS 4.3F and G - Fractions on a number line, benchmark fractions and relating fractions and decimals representing tenths and hundredths.  Next week we will review our fractions unit and take our unit test (the first week of the 3rd six weeks).  The only major grade students will have in Math this six weeks is their notebook grade.  We will not have a unit test this six weeks because we have not completed our unit on fractions just yet.  We are taking our time and learning SO MUCH!
Our Halloween class parties will be tomorrow, Tuesday, October 31st at 2:00.  You are welcome to attend!  Also, we are supporting the ASTROS tomorrow so wear your Astros tshirt/jersey!  
Upcoming dates:
Tutorials will resume Thursday, November 2nd
November 2nd - Fall Picture Retakes
November 6th - Student Holiday - Staff Development
November 9th - Report Cards go Home
November 10th - Veteran's Day Program at 8:30 in the Elementary Gym
November 16th - Thanksgiving Feast for Grades 3-5 - College Tshirt Day
November 17th - Awards for the 2nd Six Weeks - November Birthday Treats
November 20th-24th - Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Burns

week of October 9-13, 2017

We are beginning the third week of the 2nd Six Weeks Period.  Progress Reports will go home next week.
We held Parent Conferences today.  Thank you to each of you who came by to conference with your child's teachers.
This week in Math we will continue with equivalent fractions.  Some students are having a difficult time, not because they don't understand the process but because they do not know their multiplication facts.  Be sure your child is practicing at home.  We will problem solve with equivalent fractions.  We will also work on comparing fractions.
My students began Think Through Math last Friday.  Once your child completes their first benchmark assessment they will bring a letter home explaining the program and how I use it in my classroom.  
Keep an eye on your child's Wednesday Folder (purple.)  If your child has a "Correct and Return" paper in their Wednesday folder it is very important that they correct and return it to me in a timely manner.
Homework will be assigned Tuesday and will be due Friday this week in order to allow students the full three nights to work on it.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Burns