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Math Playground website

The math playground website I attached as a link is wonderful.  You are able to work on a huge variety of math topics that your child may need reinforcement on.  Just hover over the title and you will see an example of the problems it offers.  Make sure you are working in the 3rd grade library for things we have covered so far this year.  They will enjoy it!

AM information

AM folders and practices went home with all 3rd graders today.  Please encourage your student to knock out their objectives and get their points early.  They must have 5 points by progress report and 10 by the end of the 6 weeks.  This is a very reasonable request. 


For those interested in top ten.......they must have at least 15 points to qualify. 

The sky is the limit!!! Wow, I wonder who will be Number 1?

This week at school:

We will  be having a test in math on Tuesday over concepts we have been working on over the past 3 weeks.  Things such as adding and subtracting on a number line, solving addition and subtraction problems from word problems situations, estimating and rounding numbers, working addition and subtraction problems and then checking the answer with the inverse operation. (your child knows this:) Solving problems using part, part, whole strategies and strip diagram strategies.  Just ask you child and let them explain this to you.  It will be a great review for them!! Finally, the associative, commutative and identity (zero) properties of addition.  I am excited to see their progress.   


We have been discussing in class how they are required to show their work on all problems.  This will allow me to see where they are struggling in the event they are missing problems.  Also, it keeps them from making little errors that cause heartache later.   There will be a time when they won't have to show every little detail, but we aren't there yet!!  Thank you for supporting me on this:)




Important Events:

  • Monday 10/6 – 1st day of the 2ndSix Weeks
  • Tuesday 10/7
  • Wednesday 10/8
  • Thursday 10/9 – report cards go home today
  • Friday 10/10
  • Monday 10/13 – Teacher In-service, no school for students

Subtraction facts

Tomorrow we take our 5th fact test of the week.  Remember, we take the best grade of the week on these tests:)  Each day they do their best to beat their time and get more problems correct than the day before, with the goal of a PERFECT score in under 5 minutes.  One more week of subtraction and we will begin multiplication........Let's do this!!

Open House

If you were a parent that did not realize we were having open house and missed it, please feel free to schedule a conference with me.  I will gladly go over the slide show presentation from the evening and discuss your childs progress with you.  If you would like, I will also ask the other teachers to attend.  We have conferences from 9:20 -10:15.  Feel free to email me at  directly or contact Maria Diaz in the front office at 267-2064 to schedule your conference. 

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Lynna Stephenson

Is there something more I can do?

Be sure and let me know if there is something you would like to see on my web page.  If it will help you help your child, I will take the extra time to post what is needed.  Thank you for your honesty.

Lynna Stephenson

What's Happening this Week in Math Class? Sept. 29-Oct. 3

We wrapped up addition facts this week and will begin our facts tests over subtraction on Monday.  Please go over these with you kiddo.  We will take timed tests over these facts for approximately 2 weeks and then will begin learning multiplication facts.  Once we begin multiplication,  I will be asking you to spend a little time each night helping your child learn these facts.

Have a wonderful week and please remember I am here for your child and welcome your input in your child's education.  Teamwork makes the difference!