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Welcome to 3rd Grade Science!

 The AES 2016 - 2017 School Year is off to a great start!  Our students have done an amazing job in their transition from second to third grade.  They are quickly adjusting to a new area of the building, having lockers, and changing classes as well as learning new procedures, routines, and expectations from each of their teachers! 

 This will be a very exciting year in Science class as well.  For many students, this may be their first opportunity to complete Science activities by participating in lab groups and keeping records in a Science Notebook.  Teamwork is essential as students work together to make observations, collect data, solve problems and answer questions. 

  This Week in Science:  September 26 – September 30

  • We will complete the Reference section of our Science Notebook 
  • Complete Unit 1:  Safety
  • Begin Unit 2, Lesson 1:  Classifying Matter                                                                             

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Unit Assessment

Third grade students will be taking a unit test either Monday, February 6th or Tuesday, February 7th.  Students in Mrs. Pilant, Mrs. Carrington, or Mrs. LeBlanc's homeroom will test Monday.  Ms. Ozuna, Mrs. Bowman, and Mrs. Hulsey's homeroom will test Tuesday. 
Students in all classes have completed a study guide and should have brought it home in their agenda to study!  Parents are to sign the top of page 1 on the study guide which is to be returned the day of their test.