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AES PTO Panther Spirit Shirts
Students are allowed to wear AES PTO Spirit Shirts Monday through Friday. We are very excited to bring more Panther Spirit to our campus.  Go AP!
The four PTO Spirit Shirt designs from last year are pictured. We will be adding the new designs for 2017-2018 soon. We think they are fabulous!
Rules for wearing Spirit Shirts to School on Fridays
Spirit Shirts can only be worn on Fridays. (non AES PTO shirts) The shirts that can be worn are shirts that promote Anahuac ISD and any of its programs and campus/class shirts (STAAR T-shirts, field trip shirts, etc.). Students may also wear athletic shirts in support of their AYAA teams, but bottoms must be in dress code. For example, boys may wear football jerseys, but they must have bottoms that follow the dress code. Exception: girls may wear cheerleading outfits, tops and bottoms.