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Who are School Counselors?

School Counselors are helpers in your school. I help kids with problem solving, understanding feelings, and making friends!

What do School Counselors do?

Consult - with parents, teachers, and other staff to address student needs.

Individual Counseling - all students must deal with difficult issues sometime during their school career. These concerns sometimes include conflicts with other students as well as stressful family changes. I am here to help students work through individual problems they may be facing in order to help them be successful here at school.

Group Counseling - provides a unique opportunity for students to be encouraged by others at the same age who are facing similar problems. Counseling groups are offered according to the needs of students and may include such issues as divorce, death in the family, anger management, self esteem and friendship.

Classroom Guidance Lessons - The most effective way to meet the needs of the greatest number of students is through providing classroom guidance lessons. Topics may include character education, responsible behavior, motivation to achieve, decision making and problem-solving, bullying and career development.




Intervention Assistance Team (RTI)

How does my child visit the counselor?

Students can be referred by parents, teachers, administrators, or through self-referral. Parental permission is required for extended visits.

Who are School Counselors for?

School Counselors are here for EVERYONE! I am here for every student, every staff member, and every parent who is part of our school family!