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School will resume for students on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.
Cherie Burns » Welcome to Mrs. Burns' 4th Grade Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Burns' 4th Grade Class!

I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade this year at Anahuac Elementary! We are going to have a great year learning lots of Math. I am most excited about meeting my students.

A little about myself...I have been in education for 16 years. I spent 6 years teaching 6th grade and 4 years in administration. At this point, I stopped teaching to stay home with my children. I am a mother to two sets of twins. They are about to turn 12 and 14! I returned to teaching 6 years ago and taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade math before moving to this area. I grew up in a small community and attended school my entire life at Corrigan-Camden ISD. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1993 with my Bachelors in Education and in 2000 with my Masters in Education.

I hope your child is ready for an exciting 4th grade year!

Mrs. Burns


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Week of September 18-22, 2017

We are beginning our last week of the first six weeks.  This has been an out-of-the-ordinary six weeks, for sure. Getting back into the swing of school has been tough but hopefully things are moving towards smooth sailing.
We will wrap up our first unit of study this week - Place Value.  We will continue working on comparing and ordering decimals.  I will introduce decimals on a number line this week also.  My plan is to review the entire unit on Wednesday and take our first unit test on Thursday.  Friday we will go over the test and get our scores.  
Homework will be assigned Monday and is due Thursday.  Please be diligent about overseeing your child's homework.  I had several students that did not turn homework in on the day it was due last week.  Students are given three nights to complete a very small number of problems and I expect homework to be completed on time unless there are extenuating  circumstances.  
Looking ahead:  Our first six weeks awards program will be Friday, October 6th at 2:00 in our homeroom class.
Have a wonderful week.
Cherie Burns

Week of September 11-15,2017

I hope this post finds each of your families settling in after the tumultuous storm we all suffered from.  We are settling back into a school routine and have much learning to do.
This week we will finish up Math Workshop Stations covering TEKS 4.2 A, B and C and will move on to TEKS 4.2 D,E,F and G.  We will practice rounding, representing decimals visually, relating decimals to fractions and will begin locating decimals on a number line.  We are hoping to reach the end of Unit 1 by the middle of next week so we can give our first unit test prior to the end of the first six weeks grading period.
Math Homework will be assigned Monday and is due Thursday.  Please be sure your child completes and turns their homework in on time.  Since we missed one full week and most of the next from school, I gave each student 40 points towards their six weeks homework grade.  We will have two more weeks of homework this six weeks period.  
If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.  Email is the best way to reach me: 
Have a great week!
Cherie Burns

Week of August 21-25, 2017

We finished the first week of school.....yes!  It was a very long, very busy week.
In Math, we are busy working on Place Value.  Your child reviewed the Place Value Chart last week and extended their learning to the billions place.  They also learned about the decimal point and two places behind the decimal.  We also worked on interpreting place value position (TEKS 4.2).  If they haven't already, ask them to clap the Place Value Chart for you and to share the Place Value Shuffle with you.  They also should be studying their multiplication facts daily.  It is a must that each child know their facts well in order to succeed in 4th grade Math.
This week we will review 4.2 A and will also cover 4.2 B and C - Expanded Form, Standard Form, Written Form, Expanded Notation and Comparing/Ordering Numbers.  Students will begin working in stations in Math Workshop.  We will cover rules and procedures for Math Workshop on Monday.
We will begin Math Homework this week.  Expect homework, along with a Homework Policy letter on Monday.  Homework is due Thursday.
Monday, August 21st is the big TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.  We will talk about the eclipse Monday morning in our homeroom.  Students will view the total solar eclipse at it's peak time (1:16 p.m.) under the supervision and guidance of their homeroom teacher.
Have a fabulous week!
Mrs. Burns

Welcome to 4th Grade!

 Welcome to 4th Grade!  I am very excited to meet my students and get to know each of them this school year.  We have so much to learn in 4th Grade Math!  We will work hard every single day and we will have fun doing it!
Meet the Teacher - Thursday, August 10th - 4:00-6:00 - I look forward to seeing you!  I will be leaving at 5:15 to attend Sixth Grade Orientation at the Middle School with my youngest two children.  If I miss you I will be available on Friday from 9:00-3:00.  You are welcome to stop by anytime during that time frame to say hello.
First Day of School - Monday, August 14th 
Enjoy the final days of summer - maybe the rains will ease and the sun will shine so you can truly enjoy them!
Mrs. Burns