Anahuac Elementary School

School will resume for students on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.
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  I started teaching third grade in Anahuac 29 years ago. I taught later Title 1 Reading and Math. I ended my career teaching Title 1 Reading.  It was a pleasure to serve but now my time is needed by my dear sweet Ellie. I will miss teaching.

Class Changes

Added new students in Fifth Grade to prepare for STAAR Reading Test. We have covered all aspects of Poetry and now studying Drama.  We will be ready for the STAAR.
Second graders come on Thursday and Friday mornings now. Third and Fourth will follow regular schedule.

10 Ways To Be A Better Reader

1. Read

2. Read

3. Read

4. Read

5. Read

6. Read

7. Read

8. Read

9. Read

10. Read