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Welcome Back

Welcome back to school and welcome to 5th Grade!
I am so excited and looking forward to this new year school. I will post weekly updates of what we are learning, upcoming events, homework, pictures, etc... to my webpage.

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May 1- 5

Throughout the week, students will be reading selections about a kind of detective work.  We will be thinking about answers to "What facts and opinions have people assembled about fossils?" In the main selection, Fossils: A peek Into the Past, we will read about young fossil discoverers and their finds.  Trapped in Tar! describes a different kind of fossil field. In this informational text selection, student will get a glimpse of California's LaBrea Tar Pits.  Finally, students will enjoy the poetry selections Journey of the Woolly Mammoth and Fossils. 
Vocabulary Strategy: Idioms ( adages and common sayings)
Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion- decide whether an idea can be proved, or is a feeling or belief
Comprehension Strategy: Question- ask questions about a selection before you read, as you read, and after you read

10- STAAR Science test

April 24-27

This week's question is, "What lessons can we learn from other cultures?" We will read and perform a reader's theater selection, Mysteries at Cliff Palace.  Ruben hopes to solve the mystery of the vanished people of the cliff dwellings when he and his family tour Mesa Verde National Park.  The informational nonfiction selection, Cave of the Crystals, will amaze students.  They will learn about the largest natural crystals every discovered! Finally, students will read the poems Places and Names: A traveler's Guide and Los libros/ Books. 
Thursday- Catch Yellow
No School Friday April 28
Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes ness less ment
Comprehension skill Theme
Comprehension Strategy Analyze/ Evaluate

April 18-21

This week we'll read the play Skywoman's Rescue, a myth in which the animals recount how the Earth was created. We'll also explore the question "How do graphics and captions help show the paths animals take?" as we read Animals on the Move. This information text explores the mystery of animal movement.  Animals can return to their birthplace, reunite with their families over long distances, or migrate to warmer climates.  How do they know where to go? Finally, we'll enjoy the poetry selections The Whale and Wild Geese
Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple-Meaning words
Comprehension Strategy: Visualize
Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features
21- 5th Six Weeks Awards Day Ceremony - 2:30
24- No Collar for a $1.00
27- Catch Yellow
28- No school

Wild Life Refuge/ Easter Party Thursday, April 12, 2017

Just a friendly reminder that the 5th grade is going to the Wildlife Refugee this Thursday and also we are having our Easter/Birthday Parties.  

March 20-24

"Why does a pioneer traveler record events in a journal?" will be answered by students after they read this week's main selection. Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl is a historical fiction story.  In her journal, Rachel recounts the challenges of daily life on the Oregon Trail.
Target Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Vocabulary Strategy: Using Context
Grammar: Superlative and Comparative Adjectives
21 Progress Reports go home
23 College T-shirt day

March 6-10

Our main selection is a historical fiction selection. In The Birchbark House, Omakayas, a young Ojibwe girl, has an unexpected encounter with a mother bear and her cubs. 
Target Skill: Theme
Target Strategy : Infer/Predict
Vocabulary Strategy: Using Reference Sources
Grammar: Perfect Tenses
March 13-17 is Spring Break

February 27- March 3

This week we will find answers to the question "What events take the children across a changing land?" In our main selection, a historical fiction story called Tucket's Travels, Francis Tucket must find safety in the desert for himself and two orphans as they flee a band of outlaws. 
Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Visualize
Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms
Grammar: The verbs be and have
Homework- read 30 minutes each day, the STAAR test is approching
Progress reports will go home next week
Spring break- March 13-17

February 21-24 5th Six Weeks Feb.21- April 7

This week we'll ask, "How does a character learn an important lesson?" In our main selection, the realistic fiction story Elisa's Diary, a young girl joins forces with another student to overcome the challenges they face. 
Target Skill: Theme 5.6
Target Strategy Visualize 5.8
Vocabulary Strategy: suffixes-ly -ful
Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns
Homework this week: Read for 30 minutes or more each day at home.

February 6-10

During the westward expansion, life was exciting and it was dangerous!! This week, as we read the main selection, we will explore the question, "How does the author feel about Lewis and Clark?" In the narrative nonfiction selection, Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark lead the Corps of Discovery westward toward the Pacific coast. 
Target Skill: Author's Purpose
Target Strategy: Monitor  and Clarify
Vocabulary Strategy: Analogies
Grammar: Proper Mechanics
Homework this week is to read for 30 minutes each night. February 17th is the end of the 4th six weeks. 

January 30- February 3

We begin this week by considering the question "Why does an author want to tell a story?" In the realistic fiction story, Lunch Money, Greg is surprised to find himself teaming up with his rival, Maura, to create comic books to sell at school. 
Target Skill: Author's Purpose
Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify
Vocabulary Strategy: Word Origins and foreign words used in English
Grammar: Adjectives
2/2 Family Reading Night- 4:30 to 6:00 please come out and enjoy an evening of book tasting with the 5th grade teachers. 
Tutus and Ties day
2/3100th day of school
UIL awards ceremony 1:45- 2:45 in the elementary gymnasium. 

January 23-27

"What conclusions can we draw about the sea?" is the question of the week.  Our main selection is Storm Warriors, a historical fiction story set in 1895.  Students will be drawn to this exciting adventure about an elite crew of African American surf-men who attempt a daring rescue off the North Carolina's Outer Banks. The adventure will seem more believable when we read the informational text Pea Island's Forgotten Heroes
Target Skill: Conclusions and Generalizations
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
Vocabulary Strategy: Greek and Latin Roots
Grammar: Complex Sentences
Upcoming in February
2- Tutu and Tie day
Family Reading Night 4:30- 6:00
3- 100th day of school 
Uil Awards in the Gym; 1:45-2:45
13-  Spring Pictures 
14- Pancakes for Parents
20- Parent Conferences/Student holiday

January 16- 20

This week's theme is the importance of teamwork. Our selection will help answer the question "What events lead a team to learn double dutch?" In the narrative nonfiction story Double Dutch: A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood, students will read about how jump-roping has developed over the year from a simple game to a competitive sport.  
Target Vocabulary: Suffixes, ion, tion
Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Monitor/ Clarify
Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns
Homework this week is to read 30 minutes
Up Coming events: 
26th College Day/ CATCH Pink Day
27th January Birthday Party
30th No Collar for a $1.00
2nd Progress Reports go home
Tutu and Tie Day
Family Reading Night  "Book Tasting Cafe" 4:30 to 6:00
3rd- 100th Day of School
13th Spring Picture Day
14th Pancakes for Parents 7:00am
2/20 Parent Conferences- Student Holiday

January 9-13

This week we'll read about space exploration and ask the question "How can graphics help you learn about space?" We'll read an informational text, Blasting Off to Space Academy about a group of children who experience the excitement of space exploration during a space-shuttle mission simulation. 
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Question
Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes- non, un, dis, mis
Homewrok this week: read for 30 minutes each day